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Pakistani fashion in 2024 is a vibrant blend of traditional and modern styles. It features a modern twist on traditional wear like shalwar kameez, suits, and Kurti, with contemporary designs and embellishments. Bold colors and fusion wear, which combines traditional Pakistani clothing with western styles, are popular. There’s a growing trend towards sustainable fashion, with designers incorporating eco-friendly materials and practices. Other notable trends include knee-length shirts and frocks, embellished lawn dresses, bootcut trousers, bell sleeves, minimalist looks, and boat neck/Bardot necklines. These trends showcase the rich diversity of Pakistan’s fashion scene.

  1. Traditional wear with a modern twist: Traditional Pakistani clothing such as shalwar kameez, Suits, and Kurti have been given a modern twist with contemporary designs and embellishments.
  2. Bold and vibrant colors: Pakistani fashion is known for its use of bold and vibrant colors.
  3. Fusion wear: Fusion wear, which combines traditional Pakistani clothing with western wear, has been gaining popularity.
  4. Sustainable fashion: The trend towards sustainable and ethical fashion has also caught on in Pakistan, with designers incorporating eco-friendly materials and production practices into their collections.
  5. Knee length shirt and frock designs: This shift towards knee-length shirts and frocks can be attributed to a desire for more modest and comfortable clothing options.
  6. Embellished lawn dress: Eid 2024-2025 reveals new fashion statement of embellished lawn dresses.
  7. Bootcut trouser design: Bootcut trouser style for Eid.
  8. Bell sleeves style: Bell sleeves with extra flare.
  9. Minimalist looks: Minimalist looks.
  10. Boat neck/Bardot neckline: Boat neck/Bardot neckline

These trends reflect the rich and diverse fashion scene in Pakistan. Remember, fashion is all about expressing your individuality, so feel free to adapt these trends to suit your personal style.

some of the famous Pakistani fashion designers who will be in trend for 2024:

  1. HSY (Hassan Sheheryar Yasin): Known for his brand “HSY”, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin was introduced to the Pakistani fashion industry in 1994 as a choreographer and a stylist. His designs are known for merging traditional Pakistani work and fabrics with new, contemporary designs.
  2. Zainab Chottani: Zainab Chottani is known for her bridal clothes designs. She was one of the first designers that were bridal only to venture into the world of casual ready-to-wear clothing.
  3. Maria B.: Maria B., a graduate of the Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design, founded her eponymous label in 1999. She is known for her trendy designs, modern cuts, innovative approaches, and traditional aesthetics.
  4. Asim Jofa: Asim Jofa offers an extensive range of clothing that goes straight for a luxury lifestyle. He creates almost 12 collections each year, making him one of the busiest designer brands in Pakistan.
  5. Nomi Ansari: Launched in 2001, Nomi Ansari’s brand was the beginning of a never-ending story of modern bridal wear that sets him apart from anyone else.
  6. Deepak Perwani: Deepak Perwani has changed the face of menswear in the country with a new confident style.

These designers have made significant contributions to the Pakistani fashion industry and continue to influence trends and styles.

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