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The fantasy garments of imaginations are created by fashion designers. Fashion is an entire way of life for people, including how they show themselves. With its distinctive trends, Pakistan's fashion sector has been growing at a quicker rate for more than ten years. Pakistani fashion designers are not just making waves domestically; they are also becoming more well-known abroad. Due to their distinctive designs and keen sense of style, Pakistani designers have become quite well-known in nations like America, Dubai, India, Malaysia, and Bangladesh.

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin

Fashion designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, also known as HSY, is highly recognised in Pakistan. Due to his parent's divorce, he was raised in New York City by his mother. He overcame several difficulties during his childhood, including relocating to different countries and living apart from his father and sister. His fashion line and the well-known prime-time talk programme "Tonite with HSY" on "Hum Sitaray" have made him well-known.

As a result of the numerous scars on his face from an accident when he was 16 years old, Hassan wanted to be a model but was rejected by multiple agencies.

He was given the chance to work in the modeling business by "Nilofar Shahid." He continued to pursue his career as a fashion designer after that.

One of the earliest companies to establish itself in Pakistan and the rest of the world was HSY. Yasin was inspired to create collections that appeal to many generations by fusing innovative, contemporary styles and silhouettes with the detailed, traditional work and textiles used in Pakistan. His designs are renowned for how he incorporates heritage in a contemporary approach and makes clothing that never goes out of style. He was referred to as the "New King of Couture" by Harper's Bazaar.

Nomi Ansari

ne of Pakistan's early innovators of contemporary bridal dress is Nomi Ansari. In the following two decades, he produced items that would distinguish him from other designers in the industry after establishing the brand in 2001.


The vivid colors that Nomi Ansari used are well renowned for his creations. He incorporates traditional Pakistani fashion components with one-of-a-kind embroidery to create a cohesive design with contemporary cuts. He was also among the first fashion designers to produce vibrant and distinctive attire for guys. The majority of Pakistani couples turn to him when they are getting married since they may purchase complementary costumes that match one other under one roof.

In Pakistan, the Nomi Ansari brand has grown to be incredibly well-known and sought-after. Nomi Ansari, one of Pakistan's most renowned and influential contemporary designers, first captured the public's eye more than 20 years ago with his ultra-vibrant color scheme and traditional embroidery. Nomi's designs are whimsical with an unmistakably ethnic flair; today, his wildly original color schemes and meticulous craftsmanship with elaborate decorations have come to define his hallmark look.


When asked about his use of color, Nomi says his palette is highly diverse. His sources of inspiration include the unique and affluent culture of Pakistan. Nomi's attire captures the marvelously joyous and colorful essence of Pakistan. He has dressed some of Pakistan's most popular actresses, and his fashion video, "Qabool Hai," which featured a traditional wedding from the mehndi to the baraat, was a smash hit and has approximately 8 million views on YouTube. He is something of a cultural phenomenon.


Nomi's designs are whimsical with an uniquely ethnic flair; today, his highly original color schemes and meticulous craftsmanship with elaborate decorations have come to define his signature look.

Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani is the person who, decades ago, changed the look of Pakistani clothing.

By stitching the largest Kurta in the world, he was able to establish his name in the Guinness Book of Records. Several dramas and films in Pakistan use his clothing.


He frequently exhibits his collection on the runway. He has appeared in numerous Pakistani dramas and motion pictures. Several LUX style Awards have been won by Deepak for his work as the most well-known fashion designer. Additionally, he frequently hosts overseas shows and steals the show. In addition to being a designer, he is well-known for his charitable efforts.


Bunto Kazmi

One of the most renowned and outstanding fashion designers in Pakistan's clothes and fashion business is Bunto Kazmi. She is from the Kazmi family, which has a lengthy history in the fashion industry dating back five decades. Her brand is the cause of Bunto Kazmi's renown. She is well renowned for her work on modern fashion challenges and era-appropriate dress standards. Despite designing formal and semi-formal clothing, Ms. Kazmi also specializes in bridal wear. The outfits were created by Bunto Kazmi in accordance with Pakistani customs. Legendary Pakistani fashion designer focused on the dress fashion of the Mughal Empire.


Ms. Kazmi is a proud designer from Pakistan, and you can frequently spot traces of our rich cultural background and values in her creations. She utilized exquisite cloth, which is in high demand all over the world. She has experimented with various styles to make design more original, and they have been successful in a relatively short period of time. Moghul designs have a major influence on her creations. A girl becomes a princess thanks to her creations. The majority of Ms. Kazmi's costumes are richly embroidered and embellished with pearls, tassels, and other extras. The color combinations of her clothes are frequently stunning and fashionable. Her attire doesn't appear to be very ostentatious or dazzling. The clothes she creates have a certain beauty and realism.


Maria B

One of the most well-known designers from Pakistan is Maria Butt, well known by her stage name Maria B. Although her work began earlier, she began in the School of Fashion Designing and graduated in 1998. For instance, Maria B. won an international design competition that was conducted in Belgium in 1997 by the time she received her degree from college.


Famous magazines dubbed MariaB the Coco Chanel of brands, but it wasn't an easy road for her to get there. She just had one retail location and a modest sewing unit when she first started her firm. She had to design ready-to-wear clothing for Pakistani women in order to make ends meet. Her attire from the past and the present showcases the fusion of eastern and western aesthetic elegance.


Ayeza Khan, Alizeh Shah, Iqra Aziz, Sana Javed, Hina Altaf, Maya Ali, Sajal Ali, Aiman Khan, Minal Khan, Mehwish Hayat, Mawra Hocane, Urwa Hocane, Samina Ahmed, and Aima Baig are just a few of the Pakistani superstars with whom Maria B has collaborated. Additionally, it has worked worldwide with actors from the renowned Diriliş: Erturul historical fiction drama in Turkey. The 2020–21 Linen and Lawn campaigns both featured Didem Balçin (Selcan Hatun) and Gülsim Ali (Aslihan Hatun). Together with the ethereal Ayeza Khan and Gülsim Ali, Maria B launched Pakistan's first culturally collaborative campaign in 2021. The two sister cultures were meant to be brought together under the Islamic flag and their long, linked history.


By hyphenating the parallels and embracing the distinctions between Turkey and Pakistan, and their respective populations, it therefore claimed the name #BrandPakistan, which strives to promote cultural optimism and appreciation.

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